Captain Dennis Walker

Captain Dennis Walker was born and raised in South Texas. He has been fishing South Texas since he was a young boy. He has 30 years experience fishing Baffin Bay, Ports Mansfield and the Gulf of Mexico. Captain Walker has been chartering guided fishing trips for over 20 years, so he knows where the fish are!  Dennis books guided fishing trips in Baffin Bay, Port Mansfield Bay or Off-Shore Port Mansfield. Book a fishing trip with Captain Dennis Walker.

You can book multiple boats for large groups as well. Our charters (fishing trips) provide the best advantage to both the experienced and novice fisherman.

Check out some of our photos from past charters and come join the fun!

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About Baffin Bay

Baffin Bay is located in the south bay of the Texas Coastal Bend near Riviera Beach, Texas. This large bay is very unique as it has no major freshwater drains or open passes leading to the Gulf of Mexico. Baffin Bay has a higher salinity level than the other bays of the area. To add to its uniqueness, the bay has big rocks hidden just a few inches under the water. The Baffin Bay rocks can prove to be like a dangerous minefield for any inexperienced boater.

With the higher salinity and the big rocks, Baffin Bay has become famous for trophy speckled trout, as trout loves hiding around rocks and spawning in Baffin bay’s higher salinity water. Adult Speckled Trout reach about 19-32 inches in length and 3-12 pounds in weight.

In addition to trout, other fish you may find in Baffin Bay include redfish, drum, and an occasional flounder. Check the latest fishing report for Baffin Bay from Texas Parks & Wildlife

If you are interested in having a fun and exciting day fishing Baffin Bay Texas for speckled trout, monster bull redfish and black drum, Contact us to book your trip.